Bubble Lounge

The Bubble Lounge Concept

Stunning and fun party tent

An absorbing environment

Unique structure and unusual decor

A place for memorable experiences

A place to revitalize in a healthy way

at our oxygen bar or shishas

Eye-catching especially at night

Beautiful inside and out

Focus on a high level of customer service

A great environment in which to relax

Provide comfortable seating

A real contribution to any event


The Bubble Lounge is beautiful and loved by festival goers and organisers alike, and a landmark at any event it attends.


Hexagonal Chinese Hat Tent

Unique Turquoise colour

unique custom covers with clear round windows in walls and roof

Beautiful fall of light through the clear windows

great night time presence with internal coloured lights and projections visible outside through the round windows

Amazing space internally with a great venue feel - unique and energizing.

The Bubble Lounge is fundamentally a large oxygen bar and indoor shisha lounge. The design encompasses our personal ideas for festival appropriate enjoyment, revitalization, and entertainment, presented in a unique, contemporary & creative environment.

The Bubble Lounge is a totally unique turquoise blue marquee with clear round bubble windows both in the sides and ceiling, giving a great daytime fall of light inside and a stunning night-time glow. The entrance is adorned by 3 giant pillars covered in flashing lights. The interior is decorated with uv seaweed and 3 giant illuminated floating spheres, together with projections on the walls and the eye catching space age ducting decor, plus blue and pink furniture and bar units - it looks great.


Revitalizing Oxygen Bar

At our Oxygen bar guests get to sit and breathe pure oxygen through aroma therapy flavoured liquids as part of a really enjoyable relaxing party experience.


A-5 minute session at our oxygen bar feels both

revitalizing and uplifting - even euphoric in some cases.


Its sociable and fun and a perfect addition to any event that likes to treat their guest to new and exciting things.

Smoke Free Indoor Shisha

Our totally unique oxygen Shisha stations give guests the opportunity to enjoy a delicious and fun Shisha experience - completely smoke and nicotine free.


Guest sit around the stunning looking Shisha station (that serves up to 6 guests at a time) where they select a flavour and then enjoy a 5min session breathing its unique flavoured vapors in an authentic but futuristic Shisha style.


Great done in groups of friends, where visitors can sit in comfort and share in a truly unique refreshing experience.